Citibank BC Corporate Individual Card
A credit card combining the benefits of a corporate and a consumer credit card,
with both the company name and user name embossed on the plastic.
- Target : Company executives and employees
- Annual Membership Fee : KRW 10,000
- Card Grade : Gold
- How to Apply : Visit a Citibank branch near you to make your application for Citibank
BC Corporate Individual Card

A Card that Combines the benefits of both Corporate and Consumer Cards

- Company and user name embossed on plastic
- Company logo graphically imprinted on plastic
- Cards issued for executives and employees for which the company has verified employment information and recommended.
- Used only for business purposes(entertainment/meetings/business trip expenses etc.)
- Billing made directly to the individual cardholders
- Cardholder's bank account will be designated as the payment account
※ Corporate Individual card is issued by BC Card only.

How to Use

Individual user
- Individual cardholders shall pay for the card bills after receiving reimbursement from the company for the expenses.(The company to deposit the amount verified as valid business expense to the individual cardholder’s bank account.)
- Individual statements are sent to the individual cardholders whereas the integrated statement is provided to the Company separately.
> Companies shall take the following responsibilities.
- The company is liable for all charges made to the cards
- The company shall notify the Bank, without delay, upon retirement/suspension of employment or equivalent of the individual cardholder or detection of material change in his/her creditworthiness.

Special Service Offers

Service Description
> Corporate logo graphically imprinted on the plastic upon request
> Online Service
Includes inquiry of billed transactions, statement reprint, inquiry of annual spending, inquiry of issued cards, cardholder information update, inquiry of local/overseas transaction authorizations, and corporate CMT download
> Internet CMT downloading service (viewed at
Daily transaction authorization details, monthly billing details
> Provision of Other Detailed Information
- Quarterly update of other detailed data regarding corporate card spending.
- Spending breakdown by industry /merchant, by card/month etc.
> Incentive Tour
Overseas travel packages provided for corporate members with excellent performance

Point Accrual

Points accrued up to 0.5% of card usage - differentiated according to the total spend level
  (e.g.: If accrual rate is determined as 0.5%, 1000 Won = 5point / 1point= 1 Won)
Point Redemption (Available if point is over 30,000 points but converting KAL miles is available over 50,000 points)
- Cash-back (1 point : 1 Won)
- Convert to KAL miles (1 mile for every 20 points, up to 10,000 miles per resident number)
- Shinsegae Voucher available
※ The above services & benefits may be subject to change.